Andrew spent much of his childhood, in his parent’s garage, helping his dad build everything you can think of. He didn’t always think these projects were fun, but the spirit of creating was embedded into young Andrew very early. 

Later in life, he became an avid wine drinker and grew obsessed with unlocking the mysteries behind a good wine.  Mysteries buried deep below the surface, in the bedrock, millions of years of geology giving us history through a single vine.

You sure can learn a lot from a little grape.

One night, while taking a wine class at UCLA, the teacher poured an outstanding bottle of Syrah.  Turns out, the wine was made in the dude's garage.  “You can make wine this good, in a house?!”  So, Andrew listened to his gut, left class and made a barrel of wine - in his laundry room.

Some filmmakers go to film school.  Others pick up a camera and start filming.  Andrew started filming, so to speak. 

Andrew’s first vintage was awful.  The tasting notes would’ve included hints of Downy and dirty socks.  But over time, Andrew worked his way from, “hey, at least it’s not bad,” to "drinkable” and eventually learned how to make good wine on his own.  

Meanwhile, in 2012, Andrew had grown miserable in his career as a writer in Hollywood.  Something had to change for the better or he was going to change for the worse.  

So, five years ago, he listened to a few smart people, followed his gut and threw himself into his real passion – wine – and built a successful career selling, marketing and distributing wine in Los Angeles.  He basically builds wine brands for a living.

Andrew now gets to travel the world to study wineries and vineyards, hang out with winemakers, deepen his wine knowledge daily and spend his days with equally passionate people.  Best of all, everything he learns gets applied to Major Wines.

In 2014, Andrew’s friend Andrew Jones, winemaker of Field Recordings, gave him the opportunity to make wine in a dark and forgotten corner of his Paso Robles winery.  Andrew loves it so much that he looks forward to driving 6 hours round-trip, just to work on his wine. 

It's Andrew's goal is to create wines that are authentic, delicious and always taste way better than the price.  He also wants his wines to totally stand on their own, with or without food.  

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